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Practical Bathroom Blinds The Modern Living Room Open Your Dining Room Ideas for the Bedroom

Practical Bathroom Blinds

Of all the rooms in the house blinds work better here than traditional curtains when window sill space is at a premium.

The neatness of most blinds are usually the better option. If your bathroom windows are UPVC your can select a Perfect Fit blind. These are available in suitable fabrics as are roller blinds, venetian blinds or a pleated blinds.

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Ideas for the Bedroom

The conditions for a good night’s sleep are usually a cool darkened room in summer and a warm and cosy room during the winter months. These essential ingredients can be created using blinds solely or in conjunction with traditional curtains or drapes.

To help keep a room cool in summer the most effective choice is a roller blind or vertical blind these can both have a reflective coating on the back of the fabric, working to reflect the heat of the summer sun outward which in conjunction with adequate ventilation will keep the room cool enough to have a restful night’s sleep.

We recommend for south facing bedroom windows that blinds be pulled down or drawn during the day in hottest summer weather. This is a more effective and cost effective way of keeping a room cool. During the winter a similar fabric with a solar backing will help keep the cold out and the heat in, therefore saving energy costs.

If your choice is a Roman Blind you could select a thermal lining for this purpose. Having the ability to darken the bedroom is a top priority. Whether it is early morning sunlight in spring or that annoying street light which always seems to shine brighter when you need to sleep, you can choose the best blackout blind to suit your needs.

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The Modern Living Room

As an alternative to curtains but still retaining a sumptuous luxury feel Roman blinds are the ideal choice. Traditional drapes can sometimes be too bulky with excess fabric around a window for a modern living room. If the look of soft curtains is still what you are looking for, they can still be retained to dress the window with greatly reduced bulk using as “dummy curtains” in conjunction with your choice of blinds for light, privacy, and sun control.

Wooden blinds are an ever more popular option for living rooms giving the elegance and style the room deserves. Uniformity at the front of a property is sometimes a consideration. For example, if you have wooden blinds in the bedrooms and your living room or lounge below is reflected in the same style.

Living rooms in a lot of homes are now open plan. Panel Blinds as well as being used for large floor to ceiling windows can be used as practical room dividers separating a dining area to create an intimate feel from the rest of the living space when required.

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Open your Dining Room

A popular trend is to have dining areas open to the garden with large glass doors or floor to ceiling windows. Panel blinds which will slide away from an opening door and completely cover a wall are also useful in daylight or evening. They also protect carpets and furniture.

If your dining room isn’t just a formal eating area but used as a family multiuse area you may want to bring in fun and brighter colour to the windows. This can be created by balancing primary coloured roman blind fabrics, still keeping warmth for informal dining and also practicality for a children’s play area.

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