Dining Room Blinds

Dining Room Blinds. Made to Measure Dining Room Blinds from Direct Blinds

Dining rooms are often separate rooms in a house, or a dining area can be part of the kitchen or living room. It is important to consider the window treatments.

A dining room can be a simple space if used solely for dining and entertaining. The blinds may be more of a decorative nature to compliment your table and chairs and help create a sophisticated ambience. Wooden blinds with tapes or a simple natural coloured roller blind would also suit, and compliment dress curtains or drapes to bring that extra warmth to cooler evenings.

Dining furniture has to be considered. Usually these will consist of table and chairs and somewhere to store your dinnerware. As a costly investment the room will need protecting from the harmful rays of the sun.

This is where blinds will be effective, as per the following examples a voile roller blind will allow light through or a slatted venetian blind or vertical louver blind will both easily control sun and light.

Recommended Dining Room Roller Blinds

Bermuda Plain

from £8.52
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Recommended Dining Room Vertical Blinds

Banlight Duo Blackout

from £23.00
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Recommended Dining Room Wooden Blinds

Nile 25
Sugar Maple

from £15.95
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Nile 50 Taped

from £21.53
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Recommended Dining Room Roman Blinds

Autumn Leaves
Red Berry

from £17.60
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Ambassador Faux Suede

from £20.20
Next Day Option

Basket Weave

from £20.20
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Recommended Dining Room Venetian Blinds

Dawn 25
Matt Magnolia T0285

from £12.64
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Rainbow 25
Mid Green T0005

from £19.80
Next Day Option

Rainbow 50
Midnight Blue T0258

from £24.75
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Recommended Dining Room Curtains

Ambassador Faux Suede

from £25.95
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Recommended Dining Room Perfect Fit Blinds

Dawn 25
Gloss White T0001

from £40.50
Next Day Option

Infusion Solar

from £70.00
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Recommended Dining Room Panel Blinds

Bermuda Plain
Blue Coral

from £39.99

Bali LL

from £89.95
Next Day Option
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Dining Room Blinds

Perhaps the most important trick to achieving the perfect dining room is by creating a space that is useful and comfortable, and one that can be used on a day-to-day basis for family dining but can be adapted to the occasional dinner party. Our dining room blinds prove that window dressing solutions can be both practical and stylish. With our impressive range of roller blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, wooden blinds and roman blinds, there really is something for everyone.

You can adjust our blinds for the dining room during the day to allow as much natural light into your home as possible; then if you are entertaining friends in the evening you can set the mood with diffused and accent lighting. If you want to create a dining area with a hint of opulence, why not add a luxurious chandelier, too?

The last thing you want your guests to be doing is glaring at any unsightly clutter, so it is important to create a clear space and add features such as a rug and picture frames to add life and make your visitors feel at home.