Made to Measure Blinds and Curtains

All our blinds and curtains are made to measure to your exact requirements, meaning no need for cutting down readymade products to size by yourself. If you know your sizes or how to measure for them, then you can  go straight to selecting your product, obtain prices and order your samples or finished products. If you know your sizes but are unsure what product you require, then try our quick quote form on the home page to obtain prices in different blind types.  If you require guidance on how to measure please follow our instructions below or give us a call if still unsure. We have been manufacturing blinds since 1969 so have lots of experience we can pass on.

Blind Measuring Instructions

You will need a metal tape measure cloth tapes are not accurate enough and a pen and paper to write down the sizes. You can measure your window in centimetres CM, millimetres MM, or Inches. If you want your blind to fit or hang outside your window opening or recess we call this Exact size.

How to measure inside your window recess. (Recess Size)

  • Measure the inside width of your window in 3 places.Write down the shortest. This is your Recess width.
  • Measure the inside length or drop of your window in 3 places. Write down the shortest. This is your Recess drop. We will reduce your recess sizes to ensure the blind fits within the opening.

The manufacturing tolerances we deduct are as follows:

  • Vision Day and Night Blinds--->8MM off bracket to bracket (Exact)width and 10MM off drop NB.  Fabric is 51MM narrower than recess.
  • Aluminium Venetian 15MM and 25MM ---> 13MM off width and 6MM off drop.
  • Aluminium Venetian 35MM and 50MM ---> 13MM off width and 12MM off drop.
  • Wooden Venetian 25MM/35MM/50MM and 63MM ---> 13MM off width and 12MM off drop.
  • Vertical blinds ---> 6MM off width and 13MM off drop.
  • Roller blinds ---> 4MM taken off wall to bracket (exact) width.  Overall from wall to cloth there is a total gap of 34MM.
  • Panel blinds ---> 10MM off width and 15MM off drop.
  • Roman blinds ---> 10mm off width.
  • Vertical Slats Only ---> No tolerances made
  • Pleated Freehanging/Skylight ---> 10MM taken off the width.  No deductions from the drop.

How to measure outside your window recess. (Exact Size)

  • Measure width where you want the blind to be allowing for overlap (usually 10-15cm each side) Write it down. This is your Exact width.
  • Measure the length where you want the blind to be allowing for overlap (usually 10-15cm top and bottom). This is your Exact drop. We will make your blind to these exact overall dimensions and make no allowances.

Notes on measuring for roller blinds.

  • When measuring for roller blinds remember that the cloth or fabric width will be 3cm narrower than the overall exact blind width. There is an option to order your roller blind cloth width, but remember the overall width including the brackets will be 3cm wider.
  • Side fixing your roller blind - If you wish to side fix your brackets measure the recess as above, however order as an EXACT size.  This will provide a tighter fit without the 4mm tolerance deducted.  The spring plunger will depress further to allow the blind to fit.

Note on measuring vertical slats only.

Please make sure that the drop for slats only is the fabric only (hem to hem) drop.  In order to measure accurately please take a slat off the current blind you have, and measure from one fabric end to another.  The slats will be made to that finished size.

If you do not have the original slats you must calculate the overall finished hem to hem size of your new slats. Allow for any clearance and measure from under the hook where the slat will hang from.

Measuring the Curtains Width (All Headings)

Measure the total width of the rail or pole excluding any finials and add 250mm (10") overlap which allows the hanging curtains to overlap in the centre when closed. This is the track/pole width.

Measuring the Curtains Drop for Pencil and Pleated Headings

Measure from the top of the track or the small eye on the ring of the pole to 12mm(½") from the floor or 150mm (6") below the sill.

If fitting Curtains rails or poles they should be fitted 150mm (6") above the window recess and extend approximately 200mm (8") either side. This is the HEM TO HEM drop.

Measuring the Curtains Drop for Eyelet Headings

Measure the distance from the top of the pole to 12mm (½") above the floor (or approximately 35mm (1½"), if you have not yet had carpet fitted but intend to) or 150mm (6") below the window sill. This is the POLE (TOP) TO HEM drop.

Measuring for Bay Windows

We have full downloadable measuring guides for both square bay windows as well as angled bay windows.

Measuring for Perfect Fit Blinds

Use this guide to measure for Perfect Fit blinds

Watch our videos to see how to measure for your blinds

Measuring Exact Blinds Measuring Recess Blinds Measuring Curtains