Solar Control Blinds

There can be such a thing as too much sun – if your house faces the right direction for blindingly bright sunshine at certain parts of the day, then a solar control blind could be exactly what you need. Helping you control light levels and temperature, any blind will help but these blinds are ideal for those seeking to create the perfect atmosphere.

How Do Solar Control Blinds Work?
Our solar control roller blinds come in a range of different translucent fabrics (available in many more colours!) that effectively act as sunglasses for your windows. They're often best paired with curtains that can be closed at night, as they'll still let a lot of sunshine through, but if you're looking to dim the lights during the day then they're a great option.

Measuring & Fitting Your Solar Control Blinds
The solar control blinds in our range are all in the roller blind style, which means they come made-to-measure, and are incredibly easy to fit. If you need any help, take a look at our fitting guides and measuring tips,or you can get in touch and our team will be happy to help.