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Door Blinds

Whether you need privacy or shading for a patio door, front door or internal door, a blind is a great option to give you more control.  But how do you choose the right type?

French Doors

You can either dress each door individually or if the doors open out wards, consider one blind to cover the full opening, the choice is yours.  Add a touch of luxury with our Roman style fabric blinds.

Get privacy on your wooden doors by installing slimline pleated, venetian, Roman or roller blinds.Fit directly and easily onto the wood Frame


Our range of perfect fit blinds are a great option for fitting to uPVC doors, particularly single doors. They fit neatly into the window space in your door, meaning they stay in place as you open and close the door - great for minimising damage to the blind. Perfect fit blinds are available in roller, pleated and Venetian styles for doors. Our Neat Fit blinds fit in a similar ‘no drill and screw’ fashion to perfect fit but without the four-sided frame. The honeycomb blinds are great for privacy and insulation.


Large Patio and Sliding Door Blinds

Keep your valuable view and opt for vertical or panel blinds that will draw to one side.


Bifold doors can be tricky so, the first step is to decide where you would like the blinds to fit and then check that the door operation won’t be impeded in any way. check out our suggestions by clicking below.

KEEPING OUT THE DRAUGHT – Curtains for doors
If you've got a particularly draughty door, a door curtain is a great idea to help reduce this. You don't even have to have a pair – a single curtain can be drawn to one side for minimal material with maximum light and draught control.
MEASURING UP Door blinds
There are a couple of extra things to consider when measuring for a door blind. Most importantly, you should make sure the placing of the blind won't stop it from opening properly - especially if the door opens inwards. Remember, doors are usually high traffic areas so be sure to select a durable option such as Pvc.

Consider the door handles too - will they obstruct the blind? If you're measuring for a roller blind, first measure the actual blind cloth width, and then take into account the need for the exact bracket-to-bracket measurement to be 3cm wider.

If you're measuring for patio doors, and have chosen vertical or panel blinds, make sure you consider how much space the blind will take up at the side of the recess when opened, you need to ensure it will not be in the way of the door when operating.

Take a look at our measuring guides should you need guidance. If you require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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